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March 21, 2019 by admin

Why not make money from your home when it is left empty for long periods?

Financial advantages

  • Free evaluation of your home
  • Free registration of your home on our portal
  • Free marketing including photography
  • Profitable commission percentage

You just leave the keys with us and we will take care of everything including:

Evaluation of your home

Complete a thorough inspection of your property and Inform you what is needed for the home to be ready for short-term rental. The rental value of your property will be determined by comparisons against similar properties currently renting in the area. It is important to always maintain your property in good shape and presented well at all times to maximize your rental income.

We will always effectively communicate with you and welcome your feedback and any comments throughout the management of your property. Be assured that your property manager will discuss your needs to ensure a prompt response and resolution of all matters relating to you and your property.

Marketing and management

We will prepare advertising material including appropriate photographs of both the interior and exterior of the property, list the property on social medias, websites and Google and co-ordinate inquiries regarding your property. When the right tenant is found we will complete rental agreements and paperwork, create exit and entry reports and report maintenance issues and liaise with tenants.

Most important – We will keep in regular contact with you and make sure you get to know all feedback.


Deposit the net proceeds of your rental income into your nominated bank account as per your management agreement. Further we will provide you with all copies of invoices for any repairs required on your property every month with your statement.

Rent review

We will regularly review the rent charged on your property in accordance with the current legislation to ensure you receive the highest rent possible.

Service and advice

We are committed to providing high and professional service and advice when managing your accommodation. Our keywords for good and mutual cooperation are communication and trust.

Hello Sun is committed to provide you with a friendly, professional Property Management experience that exceeds your expectations.

We are here to work with you every step of the way.

Your comfort

Your comfort is very important to us. . We do nothing at all without your permission and you can use your home at any time. You get an annual overview of how your home has performed.