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April 12, 2019


Costa del Sol is the place with most restaurants pr. citizens in the world! even in the narrowest alleys you can always find a small café to have some tapas! The majority of these restaurants offer a typical European food such as Fish & Chips, Entrecote, Burger etc. so for those who are picky, don’t worry!  But if you are looking for an exceptional gastronomic experience, we know some local places with excellent authentic Spanish food made of fresh ingredients!

You will be quite surprised with the quality and taste! without being robbed by huge bills.Look forward to these exceptional gastronomic experiences!

Restaurant la Viña de Ale, Torremolinos,

If you want to try the authentic tapas bar this is the place. The tapa is to Spanish cuisine what pasta is to Italians.Tapa is small bites that have marked Spanish gastronomic culture and as journalist Juan Ferragut recalled , the tapa is “a distracted way of eating without realizing it”;-)

In this restaurant you can choose among many different tapas served with the best wine in the area. The environment is very casual and cozy. Try it!

for mor information click  here

Bodega Restaurant Charlois in Fuengirola

At the heart of Fuengirola you can find this restaurant. The food is exceptional good and the location perfect. The price is a little bit more than other restaurants, but it is well worth it!

For more information click here

Escorpio restaurant Benalmádena Pueblo

Escorpio Restaurant shares the same building as La Fonda Hotel in Benalmádena Pueblo. The restaurant is located on the ground floor of the hotel in which you can enjoy Mediterranean cuisine where the flavors of the sea and the mountain mix. The restaurant has both a covered and uncovered dining area with spectacular sea views.

Seasonal natural products, respectful with the environment and according with the tradition.

A gourmet experience with low price!

For more information click here

Mesón Salamanca Restaurant Fuengirola

We love this cozy restaurant! Feels like home

Delicious, traditional homemade cooking at very reasonable prices, located right at the heart of Fuengirola, very close to the main square.

For more information click here

Café la Vida Fuengirola

Location: Recinto Ferial, at the marketplace in the center of Fuengirola!

If you want to try the authentic Danish food called “smørrebrød” , Café la Vida is the right place. The food is homemade and delicious. The café has its own bakery and their rye bread is just fantastic. Very reasonable price and cozy environment! Try it;-)

Tipi Tapa Restaurant with Flamenco Show, Fuengirola

Looking for a dinner while you watch a Flamenco show?

You can see, hear and feel the Andalusian art which is categorized as intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. And if we add Mediterranean food, the smell and the taste of the land, this will be a luxury experience for all your senses

For more information click here

El Pimpi, Malaga (our favorite;-))

Opened in 1971, El Pimpi is situated inside an old 18th century Málaga mansion house and is one of the longest-standing bodega bars in Málaga, where you can enjoy local food & wines and, above all, the culture & traditions of southern Spain. Its name harks back to the ‘Pimpi’, a local Málaga character who used to help the crews and passengers from the ships that arrived at the city’s docks. Before long, they had become the first Málaga tour guides, famous for their service and good humor. Generations of personalities from the worlds of flamenco, politics and the arts have visited our rooms & hallways: the Picasso Family, Carmen Thyssen, La Repompa, Antonio Banderas, The Duchess of Alba, amongst many others who bear witness to the bodega’s history. These days it’s a place to get together for celebrities, Malagueños and visitors alike, who go on to recommend us, rating us as one of the top cultural and culinary destinations in Málaga. The interior houses hundred-year-old decorations that surprise and captivate visitors, as does the amazing setting, surrounded as we are by our city’s most important historical monuments and cultural quarters: The Alcazaba, Roman Theatre, Picasso Museum, Carmen Thyssen Art Museum, Plaza de la Merced… Our aim is to become a symbol of quality, representing all that Málaga stands for, and, with your help, we hope to achieve it.

For more information click here

La Taberna del Pintxo Larios, Malaga

Pintxos are the Basque Country’s answer to Spain’s tapas. It differs from tapas in the form of serving and eating. Traditionally the cold tapas are laid out across great counters, visually spectacular and seductive, a couple of dozen different little bits, skewered with a stick. The stick is important as your bill is based on topping up the different sticks on your plate. The hot pintxos exit the kitchen randomly and are carried aloft, offered around the tables until gone.

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